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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the film yellow over time?

It is natural for all urethane to discolor to some degree over time depending on how well the film is maintained. However, with the newer technology films, it would be to a degree that is not noticeable unless under fluorescent lighting.

Do you have to order the kits?

Although we 75% of our business is custom cuts, we do offer kits for those who would like to use them. We have a software program with up to date makes / models ready to laser cut onto the film within minutes.

Can it be washed / waxed?

The film is meant to be maintained by washing and waxing on a regular basis.

Some say that the clearer films are easier to install. Is this true?

Yes and no. It depends on the installing company's standards. Yes, it is easier to install due to its elasticity, but that does not necessarily mean the quality of install will be ideal. In actuality, the film is more difficult to work with to bring out a truly invisible installation. Due to the film's clarity, it does not hide any type of installation flaw that would normally be hidden by film with excessive orange peel texture.

Why are your prices slightly higher than others I've called?

We truly believe that you get what you pay for. Our company does not price-match nor are we affected by companies that charge less. We focus on providing the highest degree of installation excellence; thus, our pricing structure reflects this. Newer companies into the industry rely on lower pricing to attract price sensitive customers because they cannot compete on the quality side.

How long does it take to install a full kit?

With precut kits, installations are completion times varies as to the make and model of your car. At the custom level, it would depend on exact coverage to determine the amount of time.

I don't like to see the line on the hood, can you cover the entire hood?

Yes, on most vehicles we can cover the full hood and entire vehicles if you wish to do so.

I have an aftermarket bumper, can you cover this?

Yes. Approximately 50% of our installations are custom projects.

Will there be a two-tone effect if the film is ever removed?

As long as the uncovered portions of the paint were regularly washed and waxed, then there would be no indication that film was ever installed if it were to be removed.

Is the application of the film permanent?

This is the benefit of paint protection film. It is not a permanent application; however, does require professional removal. There are spray on permanent applications, which if not applied properly, then all of it including the clearcoat of the paint would need to be sanded off to start over.

What is the warranty of the product and service?

We warranty our products to be free of product defect from bubbling, fading, and cracking. We also provide our clients with a Limited Lifetime Warranty on installations.

I just had my bumper repainted. How long do I have to wait prior to film installation?

Recommended cure time would be 30 days. Most important aspect of repaint is the painters' standards. 95% of paint work that we see are far from acceptable, which means there is a likelihood of the paint to be pulled up if the film needs to be removed for any reason. This is the reason we stress painters' quality.

Do I need to prep the car before installation?

We would greatly appreciate it if your vehicle is not covered in excessive dirt/debris. Otherwise, we would do the proper prep work to apply the clear bra.

What can be done about wax build up along the seams and how can I avoid it?

Most installers do not inform their customers about the wax lines. It is important for the vehicles owner to understand that wax will leave a white line on the seam. We would recommend not waxing over the seams and wax the film and uncovered portions separately to keep from wax buildup. If you accidentally wax over the seam, just use a wet towel and rub it off. Another caution is to avoid buffing over the seams, which creates a noticeable wax line as well.